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ArtKids Journal


Draw a strawberry

2021 Jul 11th

Hi, there!Look what we found! What can be drawn with colour pencils. A nice how-to draw video - comfortable pace and nothing extra  

Board games

Posted by Artkids team on 2021 Jun 21st

Board games
We are about to get board games in Russian soon. We are working on providing games in English and other languages.

Great job!

Posted by on 2021 Feb 19th

Great job!
When kids get involved in a creative activity, they do a great job.If they draw something they met before, their memory is on the front line. If it is a just invented object or character, kids’ imagination is the driver. Every new artwork becomes more logic and better structured – kids have been learning how to build and tell stories. Kids make progress and get more confidence in the process, obtain their own style, when drawings, models and colorings turn to look more mature.Creativity is a skill. Our materials help boost it. …