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  • Neva Palette or Nevskaya Palitra /Russia/
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    “NEVA PALETTE” – is an artistic paints factory that has been manufacturing high-quality production for both professional artists and creativity lovers. Nowadays, it is the only company on the territory of Russia that has a full production cycle of professional art materials.

    The factory was founded in 1934 in St.Petersburg and since then it has been cooperating with Russian and foreign painting masters, taking into consideration their expert view. “NEVA PALETTE” constantly follows market trends and technological innovations. At present, “NEVA PALETTE” art products are valued by both recognized masters and beginning painters. The factory manufactures a wide range of goods for children's creativity: watercolours, oil paints, gouache paints, acrylic colours. The choice depends on the artist’s creative challenge.

  • Luch /Russia/
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    The history of the company's foundation goes back as far as the 30s of the twentieth century, the date of the establishment of the chemical plant "Luch" is considered to be July 1, 1970.

    From this moment, a great, complex and, at the same time, successful period of the plant development begins. In the period from 1970 to 1992, the company has been actively working in various areas of activity: it produces watercolours and gouache paints, dolls, soft-filled and plastic toys.

    At the end of 20th century, a new technology of manufacturing watercolours with use of honey was introduced into production. At the same time, the company set a course for the technical re-equipment of the plant. All process equipment was being gradually updated. Production and storage spaces were expanding, the plant laboratory was established. In 1994, the company's specialists developed and patented a recipe for high-quality children's plasticine. Since that, the plant has been actively increasing production. Fundamentally new types of products are introduced to the market: window decoration paints, acrylic paints, stencils, spill-proof containers, sets for creativity and many other things.


    At the beginning of 2010, gouache paints and oil-based wax crayons earned the “100 best goods of Russia” award in the category “Industrial goods for the population”. In 2014, watercolours, gouache paints, wax crayons and modeling clay of the "Classic" series received a positive assessment of the expert committee and were presented for awards in the "Best for Children" competition.

    Today the company "Luch" is the leading Russian manufacturer, and the largest supplier of goods for creativity. At the same time the company is developing a drive for the production of adhesive tape, small-sized plastic containers. The rapid growth of the wholesale direction allows the company to develop and seek innovations in production technology, design, and expand the goods range. The fundamental principles of the Luch company are quality and safety. The products manufactured at the plant meet all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the Customs Union. In addition, all main types of products have been tested in European certification centers and comply with the requirements of the harmonized standards of the European Union.

    Realizing all the responsibility and necessity of its activity, the company "Luch" successfully cooperates with representatives of educational institutions: psychologists, teachers, methodologists. Such cooperation contributes to integration into the modern educational process, which leads to a deeper understanding and realization of the needs of today's buyers.

    In September 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia presented “Luch” with a diploma for first place in the “Made for Childhood” competition and ranking of Russian companies.

    In the same year, watercolors, gouache and modeling clay produced by the “Luch” became the winners of the independent national award “Parents' Choice-2018”. In March 2019, the "Fantasy" modeling clay of the "Luch" company took first place in the IX National Prize in the field of goods and services for children "Golden Bear" in the "Product of the Year" category, in the "Best games and toys" nomination.

    Luch guarantees consistently high quality of the products. The assortment of the company is the results of their research of customer preferences and the work of wide team of specialists with customer reviews. Only high-quality raw materials from Russian manufacturers are used in production process.

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  • GAMMA /Russia/
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    It is widely known that GAMMA is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Another meaning of this word in Russian, related to what the factory has been doing for more than a century, is a range of colors. A Russian factory of artistic products for creativity and self-expression took this name and has been proudly holding it since 1899. Gamma is a factory with rich history, beautiful traditions and unmeasurable experience

    The company was founded in 1899 in Russia and was one of the first manufacturers of this kind of materials. The company has developed to a modern high-tech factory and has become a leader on the market.

    Sticking to its traditions, GAMMA involves experts and professional artists, teachers of preschool, higher and secondary educational institutions to the product creation process.

    GAMMA is constantly improving the consumer properties of the products: texture, composition, packaging, and color mix.

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    The research laboratory was established in 1927 by the Russian artist and professor F.Rerberg. Since then, the product quality has been one of the priorities for the factory.

    Nowadays, the quality management department strictly monitors the characteristics of each line: paints, pencils, and plasticine, to ensure that the products are safe for children, non-toxic and consist of natural components.

    Paints and plasticine are made on GAMMA factories in Russia:

    • Unique composition of semi-dry watercolor gives the artist more freedom and control over the painting, so the pictures become deep, light and vibrant.
    • Customers notice a perfect homogeneity of GAMMA gouache, which lets them depict accurate and precise details of their painting
    • Plasticine (or a Different Play Dough) is made of different compositions for different age of young customers, to fit their needs and wishes.

    Pencils are made by GAMMA's partners on one of the factories in China, where many other world leaders of artistic products order their pencils. GAMMA assures quality of the pencils by presenting on the factory for controlling the production process.

    The wide range of colors of GAMMA products is another topic the company may tell a lot about: vibrant, reach, natural, fluorescent, juicy, light.

    Buying GAMMA products, you buy quality products under affordable price.

  • M.P.Studio /Russia/
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    “M.P. Studio” is a Russian Factory of embroidery kits.

    “M.P. Studio” was established in 2005 when its founder, Marina Popova, decided to tie up her beloved hobby of cross stitching and entrepreneur skills. This alloy turned to be an ideal combination to create a new company.

    Nowadays “M.P. Studio” is a young successful company with its signature style, which can be found in each product. The company elaborately designs and makes every part of the kits, starting at selecting a picture subject up to the set assembly. Every interesting idea, being born on the factory, is carefully treated and transformed to wonderful plots and beautiful pictures, so the customers enjoy creating their masterpieces.

    The product variety includes several hundreds of sets in different stitching techniques and this number is growing steadily. The stitching sets are based on cotton, plastic or water-soluble canvas. The production team has a lot of experience and passion for doing their job to customer satisfaction.